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Latest Query

In spite of a resounding silence from the assembled viewers of this site, we continue in the quest to find artists and identities from submissions to the site. The latest contestants are:

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Unknnown Young Man Unknown Young Female Unknown Boy Unknown Baby
Jane Grey Owen Currey Robert Brownlee Currey Dr. William Jones

Another Query

Please click on images to enlarge and contact us at with any information you might have on the identity of the subjects or the artists.

Quoting from the email that accompanied these three images:

"The portraits below were in my parents' basement and were, I believe, originally from my grandfather's house in Louisville. He was the son of Rebecca Maney, daughter of General George Maney, and I suspect the portraits are from the Maney/Southall family, even possibly the Murfree family or the Crutcher family, but I have not found any markings or artists signatures to help with identification. The portraits have been restored from their as found condition, with the exception of the third, which is a photographic reproduction/enhancement due to the poor condition of the original.

I am curious to know if there is any way to attempt to identify the subjects of the portraits, or to find out if you know of any experts or organization that could help with the task.

Thanks very much for your help!"

Portrait 1

Portrait 2

Portrait 3

Query II

Quoting from the email – "I am enclosing herein an image of an unsigned oil on board measuring 26cm x 36cm and I am curious to know whether or not my assumptions are correct in guessing that it could 'possibly' be a picture of Ann Dallas Dudley? It's specifically the nose that planted the seed of thought for me.

I live in the U.K. and picked this up at a fare as I really liked it's execution, and it spoke to me. Therefore please could you give me your opinion on it and maybe, just maybe, identify who she actually is. Whoever she was, she had beautiful blue eyes? my guess is that it dates back to the early to mid 20th century. Thank you for your time."





Who Am I?

This lovely lady was sent to us as a part of a genealogical search with two related questions. "I would like to know who the subject is and the time line of Edith Flisher. My mother and Aunt were in Europe in 1904 & 5. They lived in Hopkinsville, Ky. and were both artists."

Further background from owner–"I had been left a portrait of a Goldthwaite ancestor who was a General in the American Revolution. The fancy gold (plaster) was damaged and we decided to re-frame it. In removing the portrait in 1990 we were amazed to find the backing board filler was this lovely blonde lady's portrait (11x14). Noted below the large black bow tie is 'Edith Flisher copy.'   Did my aunt or mother paint it?. . .Since mother and Aunt Mary were in Europe, and lived in Hopkinsville, Elkton and eventually Louisville, Ky. I am interested to know where the original Flisher is. They [mother and aunt] made frequent trips to Tennessee.

My father graduated from Vandy, (I went there too). We had relatives in Clarksville and maybe several other Tennessee towns. I am 87 and a veteran genealogist so you can see I am more interested in identifying the subject of the art and location and any history you can supply."

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