National Society of Colonial Dames of
America in Tennessee

Out-of-State Portraits With Tennessee Connections

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Date Created

Allen, Alethia Beale (Bell) Dury, George (attrib.) ca. 1850
Angel Portrait Cooper, William Brown 1853
Bailey, Elizabeth Margaret Lusk Unknown unknown
Bailey, Jane Ella Perkins Cooper, Washington Bogart (attrib.) Late 1860s-early 1870s
Black, Sanna D'Shiel Ward, Nina Belle 1908
Bradford, Catherine Anne Hart, James ca. 1856
Bradford, Watt Charles Hart, James ca. 1856
Brahms, Johannes Routon, Pearl 1964
Branner, George Arthur Shaver, Samuel M. ca. 1861
Branner, Mrs. John Roper Shaver, Samuel M. ca. 1861
Bryan, Mrs. Hardy Black, W. Thurston 1858
Chambliss, Adelia Clarisa ("Clara") Neely Hart, James ca. 1857-1859
Chilton, Mrs. Wm. (Mary Morgan) Shackleford, William S. (attributed) ca. 1829-1830
Chilton, William Parish Shackleford, William S. (attributed) ca. 1829-1830
Collier, Louisa Polk Neely (?) Hart, James November, 1839
Campbell, Brig. Gen. Alexander Wm. Either Cooper, Washington Bogart or Cooper, William Browning ca. 1855-1860
Campbell, Mrs. Alexander Wm. (Anne Dixon Allen) 1833-1916 Cooper, Washington Bogart ca. 1850-1852
Campbell, Jane Eliza Porter Earl, Ralph Eleaser Whiteside ca.1826-1827
Campbell, John W. Cooper, Washington Bogart ca. 1868-1869
Campbell, Major William attributed to either Grimes, John C. or Earl, R.E. Whiteside ca. 1836-1837
Cooper, Matthew Delamere Cooper, Washington B. (attrib.) unknown
Craft, Henry Kirk Unknown ca. 1856
Craft, Mrs. Henry Kirk White
(Ellen Douglas Boddie)
Unknown ca. 1856
Davis, Henrietta Rose Peyton, Sarah Gaines ca. 1940
Dyas, Alicia Frances Unknown unknown
Foster, Ephraim Hubbard Sr. Earl, Ralph E. W. (attrib) ca. 1824
Fry, Joseph H. Copy of miniature by Dodge unknown
Gauche, John Genin, John unknown
Gauche, Maria Eve Genin, John unknown
Gibson, Alicia Sarah (1862-1931) Unknown unknown
Gibson, Mary Alicia Jackson (1833-1886) Unknown unknown
Gilchrist, Frances Anne Foster Sykes, Maltby (copy of W.B. Cooper portrait of subject) 1938
Gooch, Elizabeth Saunders Unknown ca. 1840-1845
Gooch, Dr. John Claiborne Unknown ca. 1840-1845
Hamilton, The Rev. John Bell Cooper, Washington B. ca. 1838
Hankins, Sophia Maude McGhee Hankins, Cornelius unknown
Hough, Joseph Hart Dodge, John Wood 1841
Hough, Joseph Hart, Mrs. (Ellen Douglas Anderson) Dodge, John Wood 1841
Jackson, Andrew Unknown, after Joseph Woods ca. 1825-30
Jackson, John (1744-1824) Unknown Before 1833
Jackson, Sarah Brunker (1751-1820) Unknown Before 1833
Jennings, Maud H. Cooper, W. B. ca. 1882