National Society of Colonial Dames of
America in Tennessee

Out-of-State Portraits With Tennessee Connections

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Date Created

Kirkman, Catherine Hobson McNairy Cooper, Washington B. 1845
Kirkman, Catherine Hobson (Prickett) Unknown unknown
Kirkman, John Dodge, John W. August 27, 1843
Lawrence, Laura Matilda Earl, Ralph E. W. ca. 1833
Longmire, Hannah Bogart Cooper, William Browning ca. 1840
Macpherson, Rev. Cornelius Gregory de St. Leger, Lewis ca. 1837-1839
Maxwell, Mary Elizabeth Unknown unknown
May, Jacob Routon, David F. 2006
McKee, James Miller Wood, Thomas Waterman Prior to 1903
Moore, Mary Elizabeth Cooper? 1848
Morgan, Jean Gibson (1864-1946) Unknown Early 1900s
Morgan, Joseph Bedinger (1856-1927) Unknown Early 1900s
Morgan, Joseph Bedinger (1856-1927) Unknown Early 1900s
Overton, Martha Maxwell & Jackson May Cooper, Washington 1858
Payne, Martha Vesta Ward, Nina Belle 1909
Polk, President James Knox Unknown unknown
Polk, Virginia Galtney Prichard (1894-1980) Trabue, Mellicent Landry Prichard McKee 1970
Polk, Virginia Knox Unknown unknown
Ramsay, Henry Ashton & his sister Carolyn as small children Unknown ca. 1825
Rizer, Cecilia Baugh Cooper, Washington ca. 1850-70
Robertson, Virginia "Jennie" D'Shiel Ward, Nina Belle about 1907
Routon, Ralph W. Routon, David F. Summer 1960
Stanton, Joseph Blackwell Earl, Ralph E.W. ca. 1830
Stern, Betsy May Routon, David F. 2008-2009
Stout, Samuel Van Dyke Unknown ca. 1830
Tagg, Joseph Unknown ca. 1847-1856
Tagg, Matilda Walker Miller Unknown ca. 1847-1856
Travis, Thomas R. Unknown

ca. 1805-1810

"Uncle Willie" Cooper, Washington Bogart (attrib.) Late 1860s-early 1870s
Unknown Girl Hunley, Edgar 1889
Unknown Man Unknown unknown
Unknown Seated Gentleman Unknown unknown
Van Zandt, Joseph Morgan (1913-1998) Unknown Early 1900s
Van Zandt, Mary Gibson Morgan
Unknown unknown
Van Zandt, Thomas Kelly Unknown unknown
Varley, Lady Jane Cooper, William unknown
Ward, James Pegram Ward, Nina Belle about 1907
White, Dr. George Warton Cooper, Washington 1861
Williams, Mildred & Morgan Cooper, Washington mid 1880s
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. William Bradshaw Cooper, William Brown 1851
Young Southern Girl With Flowers Dodge, John Wood (attributed) ca. 1840s