National Society of Colonial Dames of
America in Tennessee

Vanderbilt University Collection
Nashville, Tennessee

Kirkland Hall



Date Created

Branscomb, Bennett Harvie Trebilcock, Paul 1955
Carmichael, Oliver Cromwell Trebilcock, Paul 1948
Cole, Mrs. E. W. (Anna Virginia Russell) Newman, Willie Betty before 1911
Cole, Whitefoord Russell Dempsey, John P. 1957
Fleming, Sam M. Street, Ann 1986
Garland, Landon Cabell Lewis, Louise (granddaughter of Chancellor Garland) 1907 - 1908
Green, A.L.P. Unknown unknown
Hall, John R. Street, Ann 2000
Hargrove, Bishop Robert Kennon No signature. Attributed to Washington Bogart Cooper unknown
Heard, George Alexander Shikler, Aaron 1976
Ingram, E. Bronson Street, Ann 1996
Kirkland, Janes Hampton Hergesheimer, Ella Sophonisba 1938
Kirkland, Mrs. James Hampton (Mary Henderson) Lutz, A. A. 1895
McGill, John Thomas Hankins, Cornelius unknown
McTyeire, Amelia Townsend Hergesheimer, Ella Sophonisba 1908
McTyeire, Bishop Holland Nimmons Hergesheimer, Ella Sophonisba 1907
Norfleet, Jesse Peders Davis, Goode P. 1957
Peabody, George Unknown unknown
Rand, Frank Chambless Ellison, Harold 1950
Vanderbilt, Cornelius II Bonnat, Leon 1880
Vanderbilt, Cornelius II Beckwith, James Carroll copied from portrait by Frank Hall (?) unknown
Vanderbilt, Cornelius Flagg, Jared Bradley 1877
Vanderbilt, Cornelius Flagg, Jared Bradley 1873-1875
Vanderbilt, Cornelius Maynard, George Willoughby unknown
Vanderbilt, Ellen French Munzig, George C. 1900-1
Vanderbilt, Ellen French Rand, Emmet 1915
Vanderbilt, Frank Crawford Whittemore, William J. 1906
Vanderbilt, Frederick William Neilson, Raymond Perry Rogers unknown
Vanderbilt, Harold Stirling Brockhurst, Gerald L. unknown
Vanderbilt, Maria Louisa Kissam Porter, Benjamin Curtis unknown
Vanderbilt, Mrs. William H. III (Ann Gordon Colby) Rand, Ellen Emmet 1939
Vanderbilt, William H. Rand, Ellen Emmet 1939
Vanderbilt, William Henry Johnson, Eastman 1886
Vanderbilt, William Henry Johnson, Eastman (attrib.) Probably 1886
Vanderbilt, William Henry Flagg, Jared B. around 1880
Vanderbilt, William Kissam Wright, F. W. after the original by Richard Hall between 1911 and 1921
Vaughn, William Scott Street, Ann 1986
Weaver, Dempsey Cooper, Washington Bogart perhaps 1886
White, Emily Thorn Vanderbilt Sloane Porter, Benjamin Curtis 1888
Wilson, David Kirkpatrick Street, Ann 1991
Wyatt, Joe B. Street, Ann 2001

Peabody Campus - Wyatt Center

Subject Artist Date Created
Claunch, John M. Davis, Goode P. 1975
Dickinson, Jacob McGavock Betts, Louie 1931
Garrison, Sidney Clarence Westfield, Max 1946
Hill, Henry H. Williams, Charles Sneed 1951
Lindsley, Phillip Armstrong, Herbert ca. 1937
Lindsley, John Berrien Hankins, Cornelius 1902
Porter, James D. Hankins, Cornelius 1905
Priestly, James Hankins, Cornelius  

Smith, Edmund Kirby

Hankins, Cornelius 1908
Rockefeller, John D. James, Alexander R., after Sargent Nov. 1 (no year)

Peabody Campus - Jesup Building

Subject Artist Date Created
Jesup, Morris K. Story, Julian unknown
Peabody Campus - Nicholas Hobbs Laboratory of Human Development
Subject Artist Date Created
Hobbs, Nicholas LeQuire, Louise 1968

Vanderbilt School of Law - Moot Court

Subject Artist Date Created
Hartman, Dr. Paul Routon, Joseph 1985

Dyer Observatory

Subject Artist Date Created
Dyer, Arthur J. Seyfert, Muriel M. 1953
Seyfert, Dr. Carl K. Seyfert, Muriel M. 1949