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Vanderbilt Collection - Peabody Campus - Jesup Building

Morris K. Jesup
1830 - 1906
Artist:Julian Story
Date Created:1946
Owner/Location:Vanderbilt University
Frame Dimensions:
Image Dimensions:50" x 39 7/8"
Materials/Media:oil on canvas

Description:Seated in a green leather chair, Mr. Jesup is wearing a black coat with gray pants. His left hand is holding a book, while his right hand rests on the arm of the chair. Mr. Jesup has substantial mutton chops and a moustache.
History of Work:This portrait of Morris K. Jesup was presented to Peabody College for Teachers by his nephew, T. DeWitt Cuyler, and his neice, Eleanor Cuyler, at the dedication of the Jesup Psychological Laboratory on August 2, 1916. It continues to hang in the building which bears his name on the Peabocy campus of Vanderbilt University.
Notes:Born in Westport, CT, educated there and in New York City, Morris Ketchum Jesup was best known as a philanthropist and for his interest in scientific exploration. He was one of the founders of the YMCA, as well as the Five Points House of Industry, serving both as president for a time. He served also as president of the NYC Mission Society, for which he built the DeWitt Memorial Church. Having served as president and benefactor of the American Museum of Natural History, he bequeathed to it over one million dollars. He also served as president of the New York Chamber of Commerce, as well as the International Congress of Anthropology. He was treasurer of the Slater Fund at its inception and was a trustee of the Peabody Education Fund, as well as the General Education Board. In memory of her husband and as a tribute to his interest in Peabody College and in scientific research, Mrs. Jesup provided the funds for the Morris K. Jesup Psychological Laboratory, the first building of its kind in the world "devoted and dedicated to psychology," which opened in 1916.